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ICIT 2023 Spring Briefing: Understanding the Global Threat Landscape with Colonel Candice Frost

Colonel Candice E. Frost explores the threats by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and cybercrime in an in depth dive on their activities on networks. China, as the greatest persistent threat to technologies, continues its goal of expanding their technology-driven authoritarianism. Russia, myred down in the Ukraine war, continues to employ influence and attack vectors through its cyber operations. Iran's expertise is growing and continues as a threat to US and allied networks. North Korea's maturing cyber force continues their focus on cybercrime against a diverse set of targets. Lastly, transnational organized ransomware actors continue to advance their tradecraft when conducting ransomware activities through both the frequency and impact of their attacks.

Colonel Candice Frost, United States Army

Moderator: Parham Eftekhari, Founder & CEO, ICIT and EVP, Collaboration, CyberRisk Alliance


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