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The Ethics of Healthcare AI

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to reshape critical infrastructure operations and security. In the healthcare sector, it is projected to significantly improve quality of life, provided it is developed with security controls, such as blockchain and security and privacy – principles, tenets, and ethics in mind. Ultimately, AI is not a silver bullet or panacea; it is a tool that we must train the rising generations to better develop, understand, and use. However, like any tool, the potential benefits of AI are inhibited by the potential for aberrant use. AI systems and machine learning algorithms are only as reliable and accurate as the data we provide and only as ethical as the constraints incorporated into the developed code. It may be incumbent upon us all to develop frameworks that increase transparency, incentivize collaboration, incorporate ethics, require privacy protections, and mandate security controls. In this ICIT Research brief, Executive Director Joyce Hunter explores the ethics of healthcare AI and the stakeholder responsibilities and considerations when developing, adopting, and implementing AI in healthcare.

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