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Transform Your Analytics: Unlock Hidden Insights in Your Data

Join our webinar, "Transform Your Analytics: Unlock Hidden Insights in Your Data," to discover how AI can revolutionize your organization's decision-making process by providing actionable data and insights. We will explore two crucial topics: explainable AI and the importance of comprehensive datasets. This webinar will showcase how explainable AI makes complex data models transparent and interpretable, enabling users to understand the decision-making process behind data analysis. By building trust and confidence in the results, explainable AI empowers decision-makers with actionable insights, leading to more informed and effective decisions. Additionally, we will discuss the significance of comprehensive datasets in democratizing data. Through the development of cross-functional, cross-agency working groups, organizations can create a better understanding of their data assets. This approach allows for a holistic utilization of diverse data sources, maximizing the potential for uncovering hidden insights that enhance decision-making processes. Join us for this insightful webinar and unlock the hidden potential in your data.

Panelists Include:

· Robert King, Chief Data Officer, US Department of Energy

· Reza Rashidi, Director, Research, Applied Analytics and Statistics Division, Internal Revenue Service

· Jim Routh, ICIT Fellow, Former CSO, Board Member

· Erica Reuter, Sr Manager, Sales Engineering US Public Sector, Alteryx

Moderated By: Joyce Hunter, Executive Director, ICIT


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