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ICIT Initiative

Center for FCEB Resiliency

The Center for FCEB Resiliency

The Center for FCEB (Federal Civilian Executive Branch) Resiliency is a multi-year initiative to support the Federal Civilian Executive Branch's digital transformation, security, and resiliency efforts. Through a series of public and private sector research and educational initiatives, the Center will strengthen America’s national security by:

  • Educating FCEB leaders on cutting-edge solutions and strategies for effective decision-making;

  • Developing policy recommendations for lawmakers and agency executives;

  • Convening public and private sector stakeholders to share best practices and foster strong communication and cohesion; and

  • Create and distribute publicly available materials to support the objectives of the program.

Support the Center 
for FCEB Resilience

This program will bring together a coalition of policy makers, technology experts, and business executives from government, industry, academia, and NGOs.

To learn more about supporting our work please contact:

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