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ICIT Initiatives

ICIT initiatives integrate research and publications with high-impact briefings, bringing education and guidance on the top challenges facing cybersecurity, national security, and critical infrastructure leaders. 


The millions of unfilled cybersecurity related roles in public and private sectors are a significant risk to our critical infrastructure, making cybersecurity workforce development paramount to our national security.  ICIT’s Workforce initiative offers policy makers and business leaders guidance and recommendations to accelerate and advance workforce development.

Public-Private Partnership

A whole of nation response to cybersecurity is grounded in public-private partnership. This ICIT initiative facilitates collaboration among these stakeholders to foster trust, share knowledge, and develop effective policies and strategies to secure our nation from foreign and domestic threats.

Digital Transformation

Modernization and digitalization of our Nation’s critical infrastructures are vital to the reliability, resilience, and efficiency of essential systems and services.  ICIT’s Digital Transformation initiative focuses on balancing progress with security, strengthening U.S. competitiveness in the global economy.

 Policies and Standards 

Cybersecurity standards and policies ensure the security and integrity of government and private sector systems and services., ICIT’s policy and standards initiative supports development, adoption, and implementation of these risk management tools to increase resiliency against hyper evolving adversaries.

Emerging Trends 

AI adoption, advances in quantum computing, and evolving global dynamics have far reaching consequences for our nation’s security.  ICIT’s Emerging Trends initiative offers insights on the cybersecurity implications of today’s rapidly changing  world and provides guidance on how to secure our future.

Public Sector

Federal, state, and local governments are under a steady barrage of attacks from adversaries exploiting vulnerabilities and ever-emerging technologies that support our Nation’s democracy, provide citizen services, and defend our homeland. ICIT’s Public Sector initiative offers insights and recommendations on threats, solutions, and meaningful policy to support civilian, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement organizations.

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