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Book Announcement: CRC Press Publishes Securing the Nation’s Critical Infrastructures


Feb 1, 2023

CRC Press, a division of Taylor & Francis, one of the largest publishing and content groups in the world, has published Securing the Nation’s Critical Infrastructures: A Guide for the 2021-2025 Administration. CRC Press publishes over 7,000 new books each year and maintains a backlist of around 145,000 titles, with specialties in Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM content.

This guide was inspired by the call for the whole nation to respond to cyber threats. Our hope is that the insights it contains will be used by our nation’s leaders to improve critical infrastructure resiliency and strengthen or national security. This document will help fortify the nation’s cyber security against compromise. – Parham Eftekhari, Founder & Chairman, ICIT and Executive Vice President, The Cybersecurity Collaborative
It is incumbent upon ICIT to leverage our Fellows and partnerships to publish this compilation of subject matter experts’ essays and share grass roots and executive level recommendations with the current administration. The evolutionary process of cybersecurity depends upon the hyperconvergence of cyber dependencies, people, processes, and technology. Rather than fearing or ignoring cyber attacks, this document will help ensure the nations cyber resilience against compromise. – Joyce Hunter, ICIT Executive Director

WHERE TO BUY: CRC Press On-Line Store and Amazon

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Hardback and eBook


Securing the Nation’s Critical Infrastructures: A Guide for the 2021–2025 Administration is intended to help the United States executive administration, legislators, and critical infrastructure decision-makers prioritize cybersecurity, combat emerging threats, craft meaningful policy, embrace modernization, and critically evaluate nascent technologies.

The book is divided into 18 chapters that are focused on the critical infrastructure sectors identified in the 2013 National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), election security, and the security of local and state governments. Each chapter features viewpoints from an assortment of former government leaders, C-level executives, academics, and other cybersecurity thought leaders.

Major cybersecurity incidents involving public sector systems occur with jarringly frequency: however, instead of rising in vigilant alarm against the threats posed to our vital systems, the nation has become desensitized and demoralized. This publication was developed to deconstruct the normalization of cybersecurity inadequacies in our critical infrastructures and to make the challenge of improving our national security posture less daunting and more manageable. To capture a holistic and comprehensive outlook on each critical infrastructure, each chapter includes a foreword that introduces the sector and perspective essays from one or more reputable thought-leaders in that space, on topics such as:

  • The State of the Sector

  • Emerging Areas for Innovation

  • Recommendations for the Future


ICIT authors are an elite group of nationally recognized cybersecurity and national security leaders who keenly understand the power of meaningful engagement and recognize the importance of the ICIT mission. Authors including:

  • Matt Barrett – Founder and Director, US CyberDome

  • Timothy Bengson – Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Sherwin-Williams

  • Will Berriel – Sales Engineer, Checkmarx

  • The Center for Internet Security

  • Krishnan Chellakarai – CISO, Gilead Sciences Inc.

  • Donald R. Davidson Jr. – Director Cyber-Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) Programs, Synopsys

  • Jerry L. Davis – Founder, Gryphon X, LLC & Vice President, Chief Security Officer at Pacific Gas and Electric Company

  • José de Arimatéia da Cruz – Professor, Georgia Southern University

  • Timothy L. Callahan – Senior Vice President, Global Security & Chief Security Officer, Aflac

  • Dr. Darren Death – ICIT Fellow

  • Michael Deck – Regional Sales Manager, Checkmarx

  • Marcela Denniston – Co-Founder and President, Cyber Lantern

  • Joseph Drissel – Founder and Director, US CyberDome

  • Daniel Ehrenreich – Consultant and Lecturer, SCCE

  • John Eckenrode – Director, Guidehouse

  • Parham Eftekhari – Founder and Chairman, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

  • John Fanguy – Director, Federal, iProov

  • Alycia Farrell – President, Grey Tarian

  • Glenn S. Gerstell – Former General Counsel, United States National Security Agency

  • Chris Grove – Product Evangelist, Nozomi Networks

  • Glen Gulyas – Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Onclave Networks, Inc.

  • Tyler Healy – Vice President and Head of Security, DigitalOcean

  • Donald Heckman – Director, Guidehouse

  • Joyce Hunter – Executive Director, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT)

  • Joey Johnson – CISO, Premise Health

  • Suzette Kent – Former US Federal Chief Information Officer

  • Itzik Kotler – Co-Founder and CTO, SafeBreach

  • Robert F. Lentz – President and CEO, Cyber Security Strategies, LLC

  • Peter Liebert – Founder, Liebert Security, CISO, Cerner Government Services, & Commander of Cyber Operations, The California State Guard

  • Edward J. Liebig – Adjunct Professor, Webster University

  • Chris Luras – Partner, Guidehouse

  • Donald Maclean – Chief Cyber Security Technologist, DLT

  • Dr. Ron Martin – Professor of Practice for Critical Infrastructure, Capitol Technology University

  • Dr. Ian McAndrew – Dean of Doctoral Programs, Capitol Technology University

  • Scott McBain – Sales Engineer, Checkmarx

  • Stanley J. Mierzwa – Director of the Center for Cybersecurity, Kean University

  • Rita Reynolds – CIO, National Association of Counties

  • Dr. Nikki Robinson – Security Architect, IBM & Adjunct Professor, Capitol Technology University

  • Travis Rosiek – Former Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, BluVector

  • Justin Ruth – Lead Sales Engineer, Checkmarx

  • Rusty Sides – Public Sector Technical Sales Director, Checkmarx

  • Hitesh Sheth – CEO and President, Vectra AI

  • Dr. Bradford Sims – President, Capitol Technology University

  • Pete Slade – CTO and Chief Scientist, ThreatWarrior

  • Jason Smith – Faculty, Coast Guard Chair, National War College

  • Drew Spaniel – Lead Researcher, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT)

  • Lauren Spath-Caviglia – Lecturer, Kean University

  • Dave Summitt – Former CISO, Moffitt Cancer Center

  • Brigadier General (ret.) Francis X. Taylor – Executive Director, US CyberDome

  • Matthew Travis – Former Deputy Director, CISA

  • Laura Whitt-Winyard – Former CISO


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