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2021 CISO DDoS Handbook

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

ICIT Certified Content: This Mazebolt whitepaper contains expert insights about DDoS and its threat landscape, solutions, and mitigation in a digitally transforming world for business enterprise continuity and full DDoS security posture. Our researchers have reviewed its contents and recommend it as a trusted source of education.

This whitepaper starts with a close look at the reasons why DDoS is moving up the threat chain and the best ways to protect enterprises from DDoS attacks, requires an in-depth understanding of what DDoS is and a deep understanding of how mitigation solutions work, and their limitations.

Mazebolt’s mission is to help enterprises effectively block complex and intermittently changing threats, so that they can continuously validate and remediate the entire DDoS protection posture in peaceful times, fix known areas of weaknesses proactively, and break complex attacks into individual attack vectors to ensure protection automatically against mixed vector attacks.

Topics discussed in this whitepaper include:

  • DDoS and its Threat Landscape in a Digitally Transforming World

  • New DDoS Attacker Tactics in the Digital World

  • DDoS Taking a Front Seat, Not Static but a Dynamic Challenge

  • Existing DDoS Prevention Methods

  • DDoS Testing & Mitigation

  • The Only Complete DDoS Protection for the Digital World

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Israel-based MazeBolt is an innovation leader in cybersecurity, with over two decades of experience in pioneering DDoS protection solutions. The company’s new flagship product, RADAR™, is a patented, new technology. It offers DDoS protection through automated DDoS simulations on live production, with zero downtime. Working in conjunction with any mitigation solution installed. Its unique capabilities have ensured business continuity and full DDoS security posture for enterprises worldwide including Fortune 1000 & NASDAQ-listed companies.


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