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Secure Intelligent Automation for Accelerating Insight and Enabling Readiness for Warfighters

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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The daily requirements imposed on military activities continue to grow far more rapidly than budget and resource allocations. Mission essential tasks for our Military continue to expand without removing any earlier demands. Our agencies must take advantage of exponential technologies to improve efficiency and meet cost reduction goals while maintaining the same standard of service. One key to mitigating these ever-expanding mission requirements is a connected intelligent automation platform and enterprise approach to automation. In this case study, the IBM and Blue Prism team demonstrate how their solutions can help DoD leaders identify and minimize daily mundane duties so humans can focus on mission-critical tasks. The case study includes:

  1. A primer on Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  2. How RPA facilitates Intelligent Automation

  3. Ways that RPA and Intelligent Automation Improve Results in the DoD

  4. Steps to Apply an Enterprise Approach to Automation

  5. How to Begin Your Intelligent Automation Journey

Read the Case Study

Download PDF • 317KB

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Secure Intelligent Automation for Mission Readiness

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