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Building a Holistic Cybersecurity Culture

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

According to the 2020 Verizon DBIR, (Data Breach Investigations Report) there were 3,950 confirmed breaches in 2020. The onset of the COVID pandemic resulted in a drastic increase in exploitable vulnerabilities, phishing attempts, ransomware campaigns, and remote compromise attempts. Nevertheless, an estimated 40% of organizations did not have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that leveraged technical and non-technical controls to secure their networks and assets and promote cyber-hygiene best practices amongst their workforces. At the 2020 ICIT Fall Briefing, ICIT Executive Director Joyce Hunter moderated a panel featuring leading CISO’s perspectives on how to best cultivate and propagate a holistic cybersecurity culture throughout an organization. They concluded:

  • Cybersecurity Remains a “People Problem”

  • Business Drives Cyber, But Education Ensures Adoption

  • Gamification Improves Engagement and Retention

  • Engaging Peoples’ Senses Increases Retention

  • Breaks Allow People to Refocus, Recoup, and Retain

  • Technology Can Be Leveraged to Do What People Can’t

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Expert Women Led Panel – Building a Holistic Cybersecurity Culture


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