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DoD Readiness & Asset Management

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

ICIT CERTIFIED: This publication from Federal News Network discusses DoD efforts to modernize their systems and ensure the resiliency of national security assets.

Defense Department leaders didn’t mince words when they wrote the National Defense Strategy. Restoring readiness is their top priority.

Pentagon leadership recognize the increased risks the military faces without this focused effort to prepare the force for current and future combat missions. In this exclusive executive briefing, the following defense experts address joint readiness restoration challenges:

  1. Col. Kerry George, Deputy Director, Maintenance Policy and Programs, U.S. Army

  2. Col. Marlon Crook, Deputy Director, CIO/J-6 Directorate, National Guard Bureau

  3. Mark Fox, Senior Manager for Global Defense Programs, Amazon Web Services

  4. Risa Savold, Technical Director, Federal and DoD Solutions, Infor

  5. Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Network


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