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ICIT 2023 Spring Briefing: Faster- Strategic Insights on Increasing the Speed to Deployment

In today's rapid-fire world, cybersecurity leaders are constantly being pushed to develop and deploy solutions faster and faster. Influential leaders know that developing and deploying secure software and technology will give their staff the tools to establish and maintain a strategic advantage. Leaders of high-performing cybersecurity teams must apply their understanding and insights to avoid missing vulnerabilities leading to system compromise. Faster development and deployment is more than the actual development of these technologies; robust implementation also includes evaluating and updating policies and procedures and developing guidance for incident response. During this session, our panel of cybersecurity leaders will share their insights about increasing the speed of development and solution deployment.

Panelists Include:

  • Robert Wood, CISO, CMS*

  • Venice Goodwine, Deputy CIO, USAF

  • Michael Lowry, Executive Practice Engineer, QBE

  • Moderator: Don Davidson, ICIT Fellow, Cyber-SCRM Programs, Synopsys, Frmr. Deputy Director Cybersecurity Risk Management & SCRM, DoD


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