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ICIT 2023 Spring Briefing: Modernization - Problem Identification & Prioritization

There are three categories of cybersecurity initiatives: scalability and leveraging efficiencies, speed to objectives, and deepening resilience and eliminating vulnerabilities. While these three initiative types can be implemented in isolation, taking a systems approach, the significant overlap and interrelationships between initiatives will lead to a more successful and impactful implementation. Therefore, the first step to identifying initiative opportunities is analyzing agency objectives and gaps between current performance and objectives. These analyses encompass budget considerations, inter- and intra-agencies collaboration, mission objectives, and what initiatives the agency can effectively undertake.

Panelists include:

J. Aaron Bishop, CISO, USAF

Emily Frye, Director, Cyber Integration, MITRE

David Salvagnini, IC CIO Director of Architecture& Integration Group, ODNI

Moderator: Parham Eftekhari, Founder & CEO, ICIT and EVP, Collaboration, CyberRisk Alliance


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