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ICIT Certified Content: Government Agencies Deserve A Better Way To Pentest

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

ICIT Certified Content: This content has been reviewed by ICIT and deemed valuable content for the community. We encourage you to study it and socialize it with your networks.

This Synack whitepaper contains expert insights about using a multi-pronged approach including dedicated and continuous application security testing. Our researchers have reviewed its contents and recommend it as a trusted source of education.

This white paper discusses penetration testing (pentesting) in the public sector including the current state of pentesting, the challenges with traditional pentesting, and new approaches to pentesting. The analysis of traditional pentesting challenges includes a discussion of:

  1. Frequency of pentesting

  2. Flexibility and scalability

  3. Balancing compliance and practice

  4. Disruptions to organization workflows

  5. Limitations on creativity and innovation

Read the Full Paper

Download PDF • 4.31MB

The name Synack comes from the foundational protocols of the world’s online networks. SYN-ACK is the “handshake” that transfers data packets between sender and receiver. We saw in those trillions-per-second moments a better model for securing the connections that drive communication and business. And we saw something else, too. A chance to unite technology and human intelligence in another kind of handshake—one that would revolutionize cybersecurity based on trust.


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