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ICIT Fellow Perspective Essay: The Potential for Blockchain Technology to Improve Cybersecurity

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

In continued support of our mission to cultivate a cybersecurity renaissance that will improve the resiliency of our nation’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors, defend our democratic institutions, and empower generations of cybersecurity leaders, ICIT asked some of the brightest minds in national security, cybersecurity, and technology to author essays communicating their perspective. Our goal is to share their knowledge and insights with our community to shed light on solutions to the technology, policy, and human challenges facing the cybersecurity community. Our hope is that their words will motivate, educate, and inspire you to take on the challenges facing your organizations.

ICIT Fellow Perspective Essay Authored by Stan Mierzwa

This short research commentary provides a focused, semi-deep dive into the effort the industry places on cybersecurity defense and operations and the potential to integrate blockchain technology. As cybersecurity threats and incidents continue to rise, better procedures and strategies to protect our organizations’ data and systems are crucial to sustaining viable operations. Given that blockchain technology can potentially disrupt other industries, it is imperative to examine how it may improve our cybersecurity. Since cybersecurity is an ever-evolving activity, understanding the role blockchain may play is critical for those responsible for providing technological solutions or introducing technologies to protect their organizations. This perspective essay by Stan Mierzwa, ICIT Fellow & Director & Adjunct Professor, Kean University Center for Cybersecurity, outlines cybersecurity advancements, associated challenges, and the future impacts blockchain may have moving forward.

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