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ICIT On-Demand - Secure Intelligent Automation for Mission Readiness

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

ICIT Solution Insights offers use case based education on technology products and how they address problems facing our nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. These reports help our community navigate the crowded vendor ecosystem with trusted knowledge from ICIT.

Panelists Include:

  • John Kuenzli, Retired Deputy Chief of Staff, Army Material Command (IBM)

  • Jason Prow, ICIT Contributor & Partner, IBM US Federal, Automation Leader

  • Jon Walden, ICIT Contributor & Chief Technology Officer, Americas, BluePrism

  • Joyce Hunter, Executive Director, ICIT & Former Deputy CIO for Policy and Planning, USDA (Moderator)

The daily requirements imposed on military and civilian activities continue to grow far more rapidly than budget and resource allocations. One key to mitigating these ever-expanding mission requirements is a connected intelligent automation platform and enterprise approach to automation. While automation has already demonstrated its value to the Defense community and the government more broadly, recent innovations in intelligence automation, can transform foundational RPA bots from a simple, process-driven team of task executors to an orchestrated body capable of decision making, self-healing and continuous improvement. By infusing automation with AI, these ‘digital workers’ enhance agency employees (humans) and change how work gets done to achieve the goals of the mission at the speed of the mission.

During this ICIT Solution Insights Virtual Briefing, some of the world’s top experts in Intelligent Automation discussed the merits of RPA and how the organizations could begin their journey to leverage this transformative capability. For additional information, please Read the Associated ICIT Certified Content: A Case for Transformational Change – Secure Intelligent Automation for Mission Readiness, Accelerating Insight and Enabling Future Readiness for Warfighters. Attendees earned 1 CPE for attending this educational briefing. For Additonal Information, Please Contact Blue Prism and IBM.

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