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ICIT On-Demand - The COVID-19 Checklist: Detailed Steps to Better Protect Your Organization

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Panelists Include:

- Dave Summit, CISO, Moffitt Cancer Center & ICIT Fellow

- Venice Goodwine, CISO, USDA

- Kevin Hansen, ICIT Contributor & Chief Technologist, Micro Focus Government Solutions

- Parham Eftekhari, Executive Director, ICIT

Just because we are in the midst of a global pandemic does not mean we get a reprieve from cyber threats. Reports of COVID-19 related incidents show that many adversaries appear emboldened by the ongoing chaos and aim to compromise sensitive networks and systems while the workforce is adapting to the turmoil. Regardless of how long this current pandemic lasts, the age of mass teleworking is here. Adversaries are aware of the challenges that telework has introduced into the security landscape and they are leveraging the dynamics of the ongoing crisis to exploit corporate systems that may not have been adequately secured or prepared for the telework migration. During this webinar, ICIT and industry experts covered the findings in the ICIT Solution Insights Report “The COVID-19 Checklist” and offered firsthand best practices and lessons learned on how to best secure your organization's telework ecosystem.

Audience participants earned 1 ICIT CPE by attending this webinar.

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