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Leveraging the 2022 President Management Agenda to Increase Efficiency, Improve Trust & Resilience

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) defines Government-wide management priorities for all Federal agencies to improve how Government operates and performs. The Biden-Harris Management Agenda advances an equitable, effective, and accountable vision across Government and delivers results for all Americans by prioritizing Equity, Dignity, Accountability, and Results. The PMA drives sustained, multi-year, Government-wide efforts to advance each of the three PMA priorities and their supporting strategies. These priorities and strategies set the foundation for a necessary investment in US Government that will require engagement and collaboration from many stakeholders. Through the PMA, cross-agency teams will further seek stakeholder input, define workstreams, set work plans and measures, advance collaborative efforts, and assess and measure progress across Government organizations.

This publication summarizes the Biden-Harris President Management Agenda and promotes ICIT-US Cyber Guild Recommendations for Further Action.

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