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ICIT 2023 Spring Briefing: Bigger - Practical Guidance on Scaling Security Programs

Building and scaling cybersecurity programs require managing complexity and significant resource investments. Security leaders facing challenges such as complex tech stacks, diverse needs, and rapidly increasing attack surfaces are tasked with a myriad of responsibilities, including performing continual risk assessments, developing interoperable systems, leveraging zero trust, and developing automated workflows to decrease response times and allow personnel to focus on value-added activities like resolution. To succeed, practitioners must build roadmaps that balance these variables and drive the organization to their desired outcome. During this session, we will hear from some of the Nation's top cybersecurity leaders who will share strategies, case studies, and practical guidance on how to scale cybersecurity programs effectively and efficiently.

Panelists Include:

  • Jonathan Feibus, CISO, NRC

  • Dr. Thomas Littleton, Acting ACIO for Sector Cyber Coordination, DOT

  • Kevin E. Greene, CTO, Public Sector, OpenText Cybersecurity

  • Moderator: Steve Pruskowski, ST&E Federal Lead, CISA


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