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ICIT Virtual Briefing: OT Risk Alert-Why Every CISO in Every Sector Should Prioritize OT Security

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

OT security is finally getting its due attention and priority. As asset owners and OT security architects face growing risks and pressure to connect and converge their networks with those of IT, they need support from their leadership more than ever. Join Claroty and ICIT for a discussion of how CISOs can support these crucial teams to effectively secure these critical networks. Filtering out the noise of doomsday predictions, we offer CISOs practical advice, from zero trust to other sound cyber considerations, for deliberation in their planning to secure these networks.

Panelists Include:

  • Daryl Haegley, Technical Director, DAF Control Systems Cyber Resiliency, Pentagon, US Department of Defense

  • Jerry Davis, Member, Cyber Safety Review Board, DHS, Frm. CIO NASA Ames Research Center / CISO PG&E

  • Ed Harris, CISO, Mauser Packaging, ICIT Fellow

  • Jeff Critser, DoD and Federal Civilian Director, Claroty

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