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Leading through Crises: Communication, Collaboration, Coordination

Updated: Feb 12

The unprecedented worldwide crisis spawned by the recent and continuing healthcare challenges makes leading more challenging than ever. Executives face the stress and consequences of a pandemic on top of the tumult of an unsettled marketplace and civil unrest. The concepts and tools of meta-leadership help those leaders reframe adversity. The secrets to success are communication, coordination, and collaboration. It is an opportunity for building enduring transformational change. At the 2020 ICIT Fall Briefing, Scott Breor, the Acting Deputy Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security, proffered some strategies that he implemented in his personal life and in CISA to mitigate distracting stressors and help CISA‘s staff adapt to the evolving demands imposed by the pandemic. Mr. Breor recommends:

  • Prepare Where You Can

  • Adapt Where You Can’t

  • Communicate in All Directions

  • Hold Each Other Accountable

  • Individualize Expectations

  • Responsibly Allocate Mental Bandwidth

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ICIT 2020 Fall Briefing Keynote: Leading through Crises: Communication, Collaboration, Coordination

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