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Research Assessment of Factors Contributing to Cybersecurity Employee Turnover and Retention

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

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The talent shortage is one of the most pressing issues cybersecurity leaders are grappling with today. And while the industry is focused on increasing the new talent pipeline, leaders need to also focus on their efforts to retain cybersecurity professionals once they hire them. With 350,000 to 600,000 open cybersecurity roles in the US, cyber professionals have extraordinarily high levels job mobility. Coupled with increased demands for cybersecurity initiatives, it is vital for leaders to retain and develop their current employees. This research identified five significant factors contributing to "intent to leave" or retention of cybersecurity professionals. These factors include:

  • The employee's personal connection to the role

  • A sense of self-efficacy

  • A culture of camaraderie

Lastly, this research proposes actionable suggestions for cybersecurity leaders to actively influence their employee's intent to leave their organization.

Read the Full Paper

Download PDF • 621KB

By Dr. Kathryn McIver, ICIT


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