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The Business Value of a Diverse InfoSec Team: How Gender, Racial & LGBTQ Diversity Improves Outcomes

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

National security and critical infrastructure resiliency depend on the success of the cybersecurity community’s diversity efforts. Reducing risk to an organization requires cross-functional stakeholder engagement within the business and its supply chain to balance business objectives with security needs. Security teams that bring diversity of thought and perspective to the decision-making process are best equipped to navigate this complex ecosystem of players, technologies, and cultures.

The last several years have seen cybersecurity workforce discussions mature to include diversity as both a competitive advantage and a solution to the growing talent shortage. Leaders increasingly understand that to prepare for the broadest variety of vulnerabilities we need people who are attuned to all types of risks participating at all levels of the discussion.

In this paper, entitled “The Business Value of a Diverse InfoSec Team: A Discussion on How Gender, Racial, Cognitive, and LGBTQ Diversity Improves Cybersecurity Outcomes,” ICIT (Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology) explores this important topic by discussing:

  • The intersection of Diversity, Cybersecurity, and National Security

  • Studies demonstrating the link between Diversity and Improved Outcomes

  • Underrepresented communities including women, minorities, LGBTQ+, and neuro-atypicalism

This paper was authored by ICIT’s Executive Director Parham Eftekhari, and Lead Researcher Drew Spaniel.

ICIT would like to thank the following experts for their contributions:

  • Devon Bryan, Former CISO, The Federal Reserve

  • Teddra Thomas Burgess, CRO, Micro Focus Government Solutions

  • Jerry Davis, ICIT Fellow & Former CIO, NASA Ames Research Center

  • Joyce Hunter, ICIT Fellow & CEO, Vulcan Enterprises LLC

  • Don Maclean, ICIT Fellow & Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, DLT

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