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The ICIT Cyber Legislation and Agency Initiatives 2021 Retrospective and 2022 Prospective Roundtable

Updated: Feb 14

Each quarter, a selection of ICIT Fellows gather to discuss their perspectives on a timely cybersecurity topic pertinent to critical infrastructure resiliency and national security. The full ICIT Fellows' Insights Roundtable video is featured below. The conversation topic and questions are based on questions solicited from the ICIT community and we hope that the Fellows' Insights prove informative, actionable, and meaningful. As with all ICIT content, the entirety of the discussion is non-partisan, objective, and vendor-agnostic. All perspectives, opinions, and views expressed are those of the individual speaker, may not be reflective of their organization, and should not be construed as an official position of their organization or ICIT.

Featured Panelists:

In this ICIT Fellows’ Panel discussion, cybersecurity experts reflected on 2021 legislation and agency initiatives and recommended proactive directions for 2022. Based on feedback solicited from ICIT members, the Fellows addressed:

  • Were there any cybersecurity topics that merit legislative consideration that either were not considered in 2021 or should be considered in 2022?

  • What legislation / agency initiatives you feel should be prioritized in 2022?

  • What were some of the obstacles in enacting cybersecurity and modernization reforms in 2021 and how can we mitigate those barriers in the future?

  • Where should agencies and Congress more actively engage with private sector and academic stakeholders?

Watch the Panel Discussion